What is Integrated Counseling and Wellness?

We are a medical and counseling center offering psychiatric, family medicine, acupuncture and counseling services including individual help, couples therapy, family counseling, group therapy, and child counseling services. Your treatment plan can be integrated among our team of medical and mental health professionals using empirically based interventions — according to your personal healing beliefs. We have also integrated complementary alternative therapies (CAM) such as herbal therapy, yoga, ELAN light therapy, biofeedback training programs, and cranial electrotherapy stimulation that are integrated into treatment plans when needed and desired by the client and can be used as part of your treatment plan or for non-clinical wellness goals.


Our mission is simple: It is to help people “Get Well, Be Well, and Stay Well.”

Our Goal

To help our clients meet 100% of their mental, emotional, and relational goals—not just help our clients feel well enough to limp through life—become 100% well! Often this goal is admittedly unobtainable but it remains our goal and our mission. We are committed to doing everything ethically in our power to assist you in being as well as you wish to be.