Yoga AND Mood Managment

Do you wish you could find relief from stress and/or chronic pain and live a more peaceful life?

Are you struggling to manage stress or cope with physical challenges, such as chronic pain or an aging body? Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious as you try to keep up with life’s hectic pace? Do you feel sore, tight or run-down and worry that you aren’t doing enough to manage your health and wellness? You may feel disengaged and unfulfilled in your career or relationships, but unsure about what it is you want or need to change. Or you might be seeing a counselor to address issues like stress management, anxiety or depression and want to find an activity to supplement and help sustain the work you are doing. Perhaps a friend or doctor has suggested yoga classes as a way to help you cope with stress and reach personal healing or growth goals. Do you wonder how your life would be different if you were stronger and more flexible in body and mind?

Many Individuals Benefit From Practicing Yoga

Almost everyone goes through periods of feeling unfulfilled or unsure about what it is they want in life. Managing physical health, mental well-being, career demands and relationships can create a great deal of stress and doubt in our lives. And, with so many personal, professional and social obligations, it can be difficult to take time for your own health and wellness. You may have considered yoga but worry that you’re not flexible enough, or that everyone else knows what they’re doing and will judge you if you come in as a beginner.

The truth is that yoga can be adapted and modified to your specific needs. At Integrated Counseling and Wellness in Rexburg, we practice compassionate, non-judgmental yoga. We will work with your current level of experience and flexibility and help you improve over time. A skilled and certified instructor can assist you in finding relief from stress, clearing your thoughts and increasing flexibility in your mind and body.

Yoga Can Help You Relieve Stress And Increase Physical And Mental Health

We foster a safe, connected community where you can address your challenges in a healthy way instead of trying to manage your challenges in isolation. As you practice yoga, you can develop physical and mental skills that you can take off the mat and into the world. You can change the way you see yourself and others and regain a sense of balance in mind, body and spirit.

We offer individual sessions and courses to help you feel comfortable and confident in your practice, regardless of your level of experience. Additionally, we teach modifications and provide tools like blocks and straps to help you participate and fully benefit from each pose.

If you are in counseling – whether or not it is with us – yoga can serve as a complementary activity to help in your treatment. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, yoga can serve as a valuable complement to individual or couples counseling. It can offer you another way to relieve pain and emotional challenges and maintain physical and mental strength and wellness.

With a patient, compassionate and knowledgeable approach, we can help you find peace, healing and growth in body, mind and spirit.

You may be considering yoga but still have questions or concerns…

I’m not flexible enough for yoga.

Actually, you are. There is no flexibility requirement to participate in yoga, and you may get even more out of it if you aren’t flexible. Whether you can touch your toes or you struggle to reach your knees, the poses we use will have the same benefits for your physical and mental well-being. Additionally, we provide tools like blocks, chairs, walls and straps to make every pose accessible for every level of flexibility. And, as the saying goes, “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down.”

I don’t have the time to attend yoga classes.

When you participate in yoga, you are doing more than working on physical health, wellness and flexibility. During each session, you are giving yourself a safe space and a peaceful, supportive environment where you can process stress, relieve physical pain and build a deeper connection with yourself. The energy, perspective and self-awareness you gain during yoga can actually save time as, upon leaving, you are likely to feel recharged. You can learn how to focus on the things that matter most and approach tasks more productively with a level head.

We offer private sessions scheduled at your convince, OR an online Skype session so you can get the benefits of yoga from the privacy of your own home.

I have an injury, illness or chronic pain. Won’t straining myself make it worse?

In many cases, yoga can help you manage and find relief from physical pain or illness. We recommend you speak with your doctor if you have any concerns, and we encourage you to talk to your yoga teacher about your particular challenges and goals. If you have a serious injury, it may be best to seek a private yoga session. In these cases, we can approach our work and select poses designed specifically for your particular needs.

How can yoga help me manage my mood on a daily basis? I obviously can’t do yoga in the grocery store, or in my car!

We offer special techniques in individual sessions that give you tools to manage your mood wherever you are at, and whenever you need them; specifically, breath work and mindfulness and some movement that is easily accessible. Yoga places your healing in your hands, and bolsters your confidence to manage the moods that so easily beset you at any given moment. The practice of yoga on the mat, helps you learn how to deal with stressful situations off the mat and in your daily life. It takes time, but the benefits from a consistent practice begin to manifest in your daily life.

There Is A Yoga Class For You

Yoga can supplement your personal and relationship healing and growth by helping you manage stress, strengthen your body and increase self-awareness. If you are interested in attending yoga classes, we invite you to register for one of our upcoming classes, events or workshops.

If you feel that you might benefit from an individual yoga session designed specifically to manage mood, click here for more information.