Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

At Integrated Counseling and Wellness, we provide options for Complementary Alternative Medicine(CAM) because we believe that becoming well is a multifaceted approach. We are dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with exceptional counseling services that place your wellness goals at the center of our combined efforts. Nevertheless, most reputable licensed mental health counselors will admit that at times individual, group, or family counseling just isn’t enough to address the clients issues or isn’t a fit for the client in general. This is why Integrated Counseling and Wellness offers a number of alternative therapy and holistic therapy options that include yoga classes, herbal therapy, nutritional supplementing, financial counseling, education, ELAN Light Therapy, and Cranial Electrotherapy stimulation. Each service can be used alone or in combination with our clinical mental health counseling services, but as our name indicates, we believe “integrating” these approaches into a single treatment plan is most effective and we believe that each one is worth checking out!

There are 4 main reasons why we offer alternative and holistic therapies in addition to counseling:

  • Because our goal is to help our clients meet 100% of their mental, emotional, and relational goals—not just help our clients feel well enough to limp through life—become well and stay well! Often this goal is admittedly unobtainable, but it remains our goal and our mission. We are committed to doing everything ethically in our power to assist you in balancing your body’s systems.
  • Because many folks are not able to reach their goals by simply going to counseling and taking medication—it is our goal to answer the question many people ask, “What else is there? What else can help my family and me without resorting to going to a quack?”
  • Because many emotional and mental issues reemerge over and over again. By offering services that empower the client and increase their skills we believe clients become more able to keep these issues under control.
  • Because the best health prevention tool we have is a lifelong goal of wellness. And because your health is important, wellness is also an inexpensive but high paying investment.