Helpful Websites

Local Counseling and Mental Health Resources: Idaho Department of Health & Welfare: Region VII Mental Health Services:(208) 528-5700 Region VI Mental Health Services:(208) 234-7900. EIRMC- Behavioral Health Center: The Behavioral Health Center is a 76-bed psychiatric hospital in Idaho Falls providing mental-health services. Part of nearby Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, they are located on a… read more

Setting Goals-A Yogic View

As the New Year approaches, many of us decide that setting goals that will help us achieve something, or just become a better person. Often times, these goals fade away in a few months for various reasons.  In Yoga philosophy, Samskaras are thought to be an inheritance of mental, physical and emotional patterns or behaviors… read more

Treatment for PTSD: Understand and Overcome Your Childhood Trauma

When you were young, did you experience a childhood trauma? Have those memories continued to haunt you into adulthood? Untreated, trauma can have a negative impact on your life and relationships. Conversely, by getting treatment for PTSD, you can find closure from your childhood trauma and move forward with your life. Recognizing that You Experienced… read more