Herbal Therapy


At Integrated Counseling and Wellness, we are committed to you achieving the healthy happy life that you aspire to by helping you achieve your mental, emotional and relational wellness goals. Herbal therapy is an empirically based and time-tested approach that has powerfully helped thousands of people increase their mental, emotional, and relational well-being.

What is Herbal Therapy?

At Integrated Counseling and Wellness we are NOT anti-medication—we are simply pro-wellness—we appreciate the ways in which both, modern medications and herbal therapies, can assist you in reaching your wellness goals. These approaches need not be mutually exclusive. Indeed, research indicates that they shouldn’t be. In the words of Doctor Christopher Hobbs, “Since herbalists are trained in health and the use of gentle natural remedies and the physician in pathology or disease, both practitioners working together give patients many more options.”

Our basic healing philosophy is to offer you the support needed to restore your ability to experience balance and harmony in your personal and relational health. The focus of our assessment of your health is to focus on identifying patterns of strength and weakness. Using this information and depending on your wishes, our clinical herbalist will make recommendations that may include nutrition, herbs, supplements, counseling, skill building exercises, and lifestyle changes. Recommendations may also include suggestions for creating physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual balance if these are related to your wellness goals.

We encourage you to look into our herbal therapy options if you are interested in:

  • Increasing medication compliance for yourself or a loved one.
  • Getting off your current medications completely (while under the supervision of your doctor).
  • Reducing your use of medications.
  • Supplementing your current medications with the goal of getting a better response than you are currently getting from medication alone.
  • Finding an option that reduces the side effects of you medication naturally.
  • Finding an effective wellness option that is all natural, kind to your body and mind, and approved by your doctor.

Our Phytotherapist is here to help.

Phytotherapy is a form of Herbal Therapy and literally means “plant therapy.” Our Phytotherapist relies on modern research but is informed by and respects the experiences of herbalists’ dating back thousands of years. Herbal Therapy is an approach that is used to increase the wellness of various systems of the body with the goal of increasing overall wellness. By increasing the wellness of these systems and enhancing the clients’ stress response, our herbalist can influence issues of wellness regarding: stress, hormonal imbalances, feelings of nervousness and tension, being blue or feeling down, sexual dysfunction, assist with addictive behaviors, and sleeping difficulties. Our herbalist does not treat issues of pathology and does not practice medicine however he is a licensed mental health practitioner. Because of this he can help you determine if you should be seen by a medical professional instead of or in addition to our herbal services. At Integrated Counseling and Wellness, our certified herbalist doesn’t simply give you a bunch of pills off the shelf. Instead, he formulates herbs specifically designed to your individual needs and wellness goals.

When combining all the available research on herbal therapy (meta-analysis), the findings indicate that herbal therapies increase clients’ compliance with taking synthetic medications, can help people get off or reduce medications, can support and enhance the positive effects of medications, address some negative side effects of medications, and can provide an additional option to those who do not respond to medications or do not wish to take medications. When this approach is combined with proper supplementation, and a balanced lifestyle the results can be exciting!

Because our clinical herbalist (Luke Einerson) is also a licensed mental health counselor (Doctorate from Texas Tech University), he is able to assist folks in meeting mental, emotional, relational, and other overall wellness goals in ways that an herbalist or a counselor cannot do alone. Simply put—he increases your options.

Is Herbal Therapy Right for Me?

Herbal therapy is not a cure all, nor is it a “Band-Aid” approach to wellness either. While herbal formulas can assist you in addressing many of your symptoms—often quite rapidly—the focus of herbalism is addressing the underlying wellness issues that cause these symptoms to manifest. Examples of some ailments herbal therapies are well suited to address are:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Mild to Moderate Anxiety not caused by a medical condition
  • Mild to Moderate Depression not caused by a medical condition
  • Some Cases of Sexual Dysfunction not caused by a medical condition
  • Mild to Moderate Insomnia not caused by a medical condition
  • Excessive Tiredness not caused by a medical condition

If you have struggled with, or are currently struggling with any of these issues or ailments, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our certified herbalist today.