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Has your relationship with your partner hit a roadblock?

Have you been feeling that you found your “other half” but are now beginning to have doubts about him or her? Do you find that you and your partner are unable to settle arguments? Or, are you perhaps experiencing difficulties with your emotional connection or physical intimacy? Despite the numerous challenges that you face, you may still have hope that your relationship is salvageable, and this is where couples counseling comes in.


Why Get Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling is an effective way of gaining or re-gaining the support and connection you once had in your relationship. For people in relationships who are considering possible separation, it can be what keeps you peacefully together, or it can be what helps you separate with dignity. If you have communication problems, looking for ways to improve intimacy, want to connect emotionally, have experienced infidelity, have too many conflicts in your relationship, struggle with abuse, or are experiencing a life transition, couples counseling might be just what you need.


At Integrated Counseling and Wellness, we offer a comprehensive approach to couples counseling in Rexburg, ID. Our approach is formatted to help strengthen relationships while building the skills needed to thrive at home, and we have years of training to understand how to help couples through difficult situations. This skill-building approach is based on our 30 years of research and has been proven effective in our own practice.


The skills that you learn during sessions will also be applicable to everyday situations at home, enabling you to truly understand your partner’s point of view. As you regain that mental and emotional connection, you will also gain the ability to structure other aspects of a healthy relationship into one that makes both you and your partner fulfilled and happy. Even if your partner is unwilling to participate in couples counseling, it is still possible to begin affecting a positive change in your connection with him or her.


Can Couples Counseling Help?

Our goal is to help couples overcome all the obstacles on the path towards achieving the optimal bond of trust and support, where each person knows that their needs will be address by the other in a calm and reasonable manner. Furthermore, we strive to work ourselves out of a job by providing you the skills to change your relationship rather than us simply providing relationship mediation. You will know that you no longer need our help when you do not hesitate to dive into a problem to resolve it quick and efficiently.


Other Counseling Services We Offer

Another service that we provide is premarital counseling. Our licensed marriage family  therapists, and  professional counselors will make sure that you get your marriage off to a good start, as we firmly believe that the majority of relationship problems can be addressed prior to entering a lifelong commitment and all of its implications.


Regain That Spark with Couples Counseling!

With a well-structured approach to couples counseling, you can not only regain that spark that first attracted you to your partner but also develop effective communication techniques that will carry you both through life. If you are ready to experience the difference couples counseling can make and you live in Rexburg or a surrounding area, we invite you to call 208-357-3104 or complete our online form and get started with a free 15-minute consultation.