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Marriage Counseling Rexburg ID

Do You Feel Unheard Or Unloved In Your Marriage?

Are you having difficulty communicating and connecting with your partner? Do you feel like he or she doesn’t understand you? Does it seem as though things might be easier if you just got a divorce? You may be experiencing conflict or distance in your relationship that wasn’t there when you first got married. Perhaps you or your partner has carried habits, beliefs or hurts from past relationships that make it hard to nurture emotional and physical intimacy. Or, your trust may have been broken by infidelity, pornography or an online or emotional affair, and now you feel shocked, betrayed and unsure if you can or even want to heal your relationship. You may struggle to openly discuss your challenges, goals and needs as you and/or your partner try to avoid arguments and intimacy issues. Do you wish you could establish healthy, authentic communication with your spouse and foster a more loving and trusting marriage?

Many Couples Benefit From Marriage Counseling

While the divorce rate in the U.S. hovers around 50 percent, many couples wait for an average of six years after serious problems start before seeking help. There are a variety of issues that couples may face during marriage, including verbal or emotional abuse, infidelity, domestic violence and pornography, sex or intimacy issues. Communication challenges and the frequency of conflict in a relationship leave many couples feeling like they are constantly fighting instead of working together on the same team. Each individual in a relationship brings his or her own experiences, challenges and ways of responding to conflict. But, in some cases, the strategies we use to avoid arguments with our partners can actually end up making things worse. In an effort to maintain calm in your marriage, you or your partner might avoid discussing certain uncomfortable issues or withdraw from situations that tend to trigger fights or deteriorate into shouting matches. As a result, your exchanges may become cold and impersonal, to the point that you feel like you are living with a roommate instead of a caring spouse.

Marriage counseling isn’t about placing blame or diving into individual personal issues that don’t relate to your marriage. Rather, the goal is to enhance your relationship so you and your partner both feel heard, understood and loved. At Integrated Counseling and Wellness in Rexburg, Idaho, you can identify problem areas in your relationship and take practical steps to heal and strengthen your marriage.

You Can Heal And Strengthen Your Connection With Your Spouse

Every couple goes through times where they disagree or face conflict, and the approach I take during marriage counseling will depend on your particular challenges and situation. You may wish to pursue counseling for enhancement issues, such as premarital counseling or learning how to communicate better. Alternately, you may be struggling to deal with issues of infidelity or the potential for divorce. In sessions, I will look at the struggles you and your spouse are facing and how you each interact with the other to create a tailored plan to meet your needs. I provide a safe space and warm, compassionate support so you can share new experiences and regain some of the connection you feel like you have lost.

During our sessions, I pull from a variety of methodologies to help you understand why you are struggling and what you can do to address relationship issues. By integrating relationship enhancement techniques that have been studied and proven over the past 40 years, I will help you set your own relationship goals. Instead of feeling stuck in opposition with one another, your partner can stand behind your shoulders and experience what you are thinking and feeling, so that you can learn to do the same in return. And, while you are building practical skills and learning how to empathize with your partner in the safety of my office, you can also actively engage in open dialogue while giving and receiving love, compassion and support.

The skills and lessons you learn during marriage counseling can be applied at home, so you can continue the healing process between sessions. As you begin to understand and feel what your spouse is experiencing, you can more effectively deconstruct the defenses and barriers to communication that exist in your marriage. My goal is for you to get to the point in your relationship where you feel secure, heard and loved and no longer need my help.

You can heal your relationship

As a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT), I have been helping individuals and couples address challenges and concerns in their marriage for some time now. I have seen how effective a good therapist can be in helping a couple find healing and growth. And, in my experience, it is usually possible to build a stronger foundation based on love and trust. With marriage counseling, you and your spouse can both feel understood, supported and happy in your relationship.

You may be interested in marriage counseling but still have questions or concerns…

What if marriage counseling brings up other issues that we aren’t prepared to address?

You may know that complicated, difficult and buried issues need to be addressed during counseling, but that doesn’t make them any less frightening. I create a safe environment and set a careful and flexible pace to help you feel comfortable and supported as you explore the challenges in your relationship. I will work with you to integrate new skills and experiences so you and your spouse have the ability and confidence to work through each challenge as it comes up. By honestly addressing your issues, even the ones that feel impossible, you can begin to create mutual healing.

What if my spouse doesn’t want to participate in marriage counseling?

While it is ideal to work with you and your partner together, we can pursue one-on-one marriage counseling if your spouse is resistant to or unable to attend sessions. Together, we can develop skills and strategies to help you cope with hardship and begin healing and improving your relationship. Over time, your partner may see the positive changes and wish to begin attending. But, even if your partner refuses to participate, it is possible to build a stronger and more empathic connection with your spouse.

I already have a strong support system – why would I need counseling?

It can be extremely helpful to have a strong support system when you are dealing with difficulties in your marriage. The love and care of family, friends and/or your religious community can give you strength at a time when you feel vulnerable. There is, however, a limit to what this level of support can do for you and your marriage. One of the most powerful steps you can take to heal and strengthen your connection is to build new skills and change unhealthy processes. I provide patient, compassionate support as well as an objective perspective and practical strategies and techniques needed to improve your relationship.

You Can Enhance Your Relationship With Your Partner

With the compassionate guidance and support of a marriage family therapist, you can develop the understanding and skills you need to foster a trusting and collaborative relationship with your partner. If you want to reestablish love, trust and happiness with your spouse, or if you have additional questions about marriage counseling, I invite you to call me at 208-357-3104 or contact me through this site to schedule a 15-minute consultation.