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 Yoga for Mood Management Workshop

4th Saturday of Each month through October 9-11AM. Call to register!

Are you curious how yoga can actually improve your mood state? Have you tried different things to improve your mood, but are still looking for answers?

Two hours may change your views on your ability to DO something about your mood,  and give you tools to use anytime and anywhere. These techniques are not often taught in a regular yoga class, and can truly place the power to handle life circumstances in your own hands. You’ll learn yogic techniques such as breath work, energy placement, and imagery that have been used in clinical settings, and are readily accessible to anyone despite physical limitations.

Register for one of our upcoming workshops on Yoga and Mood Management! These take place 9am-11am on the last Saturday of each month through October.

Each workshop will include an educational discussion followed by a special yoga class to practice what you’ve learned. Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat, notebook, water, and an open attitude. All ability is welcome, beginner-advanced.

10 participants minimum. $20

September 30th, and October 28th

Contact Amie at or 208-357-3104 for more details.

 Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga can be a very personal and spiritual practice that can assist you in greater balance, fluidity, and flexibility in mind, body and spirit. Private yoga sessions are highly beneficial in helping you get a running start, or providing you with personalized and in depth growth in your yoga practice. These sessions are wonderful for the beginning student to the advanced!

-Learn how to develop your personal “at home” practice.
-Learn how yoga can help manage mood!
-Learn how you can adapt yoga to your limitations.
-Are you in pain?
-Learn the meat and bones of yoga
-Develop an advanced personal practice.

Amie is a RYT500 and Life Force Yoga Practitioner. Contact her directly if you would like to see if a private yoga session might be for you. No yoga experience necessary.

Your True Nature Is Neither Depressed Nor Anxious

Life Force YogaEvidence-based LifeForce Yoga Tools can help.

LifeForce Yoga is intentionally designed to work with and manage mood. The practices support students and clients in self-regulation, and many of the yoga techniques can be done in a chair, in bed, and do not require a yoga mat. Most practices are evidence-based and have been adapted for clinical settings. Developed by Amy Weintraub, the practices are rooted in traditional active meditation and self-inquiry that embraces the polarities in our lives. LifeForce Yoga interweaves the power of an ancient discipline with current scientific findings to help you release what’s no longer serving you—without a story attached!

Practices include:

  • Pranayama and kriya breathing techniques that regulate the emotions
  • Meditations that lift the mood
  • Creating Affirmation (sankalpa)
  •  Yoga Bhavana (Imagery)
  • LifeForce Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation
  •  Yoga Nidra
  • Tones that regulate the emotions (mantras)
  • Yoga asanas suitable for multilevel practitioners
  • Nondual Self-Inquiry through writing and Dyad Sharing

Contact Amie at or 208-357-3104 x 2 for more details


Pricing Private Sessions

$40-60 minute session

$50-75 minute session

$65-90 minute session

Introductory 3 session package $99.00

10 session package $375

no tips will be accepted

*Private Yoga Sessions in Rexburg ID:  Free 15 min sample session is available upon request. Ask about our online option!

Tips for beginners
      • Bring a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a towel and a water bottle.
      • Eat lightly an hour or so before class if you must.
      • Turn off your cell phones to keep the environment quiet
      • Be on time, or 5 minutes early. Late comers disrupt the flow of the class.
      • Dress comfortably in clothes that are not constricting. Dress in layers, and bring a blanket, or warm socks as the room tends to be cold during winter months.

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Amie is a RYT500, and has been teaching yoga since 2005. She teaches mindful based yoga, meditation, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, yoga for mood management, children’s yoga, mommy and me yoga, and yoga for special populations. She received her training from Yoga Assets and LifeForce Yoga. She enjoys working with individuals and groups. She has found yoga to be helpful in managing mood and the ups and downs of life. She provides modifications for all levels