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Yoga defines anxiety and depression as dukkah, or obstructed space. The practice of yoga allows the practitioner to clear mental and physical obstruction that can contribute to mental illness. It also helps build resilience and facilitates steady growth for optimum mental health and wellbeing in the face of life’s inevitable challenges and losses. Private yoga sessions with a specialized yoga instructor and your therapist offers a supportive space of safety tailored to your needs.

At Integrated Counseling and Wellness, you and your psychotherapist determine if integrating the practice of yoga will benefit your treatment goals. *You have the option to do yoga with your therapist present as a part of your treatment, or schedule with our yoga specialist outside of your regular sessions either live or through a secure online platform.


12 Reasons Private Yoga Helps with Positive Mental Health

  1. Cultivate physical and mental self-awareness
  2. Learn ways to ease and deal with chronic pain
  3. Practice determination in the face of obstacles
  4. Develop self-confidence
  5. Learn relaxation techniques
  6. Learn techniques to regulate emotions
  7. Develop contentment and find meaning in your trials through meditation and mindfulness
  8. Cultivate cognitive flexibility
  9. Learn how to face fears
  10. Find an internal locus of control
  11. Connect with your higher power, yourself, and others as you gain a sense of wholeness
  12. Learn ways to let go of obsessive thinking and repetitive thoughts

*If private yoga at ICW is not available in your area, you can schedule an online session, or contact your local yoga studio to find recommendations for yoga instruction.

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